ERP Live Progress

We like to be transparent with our customers, we offer you access inside our ERP to check the progress on your projects and tasks.

As a Code Guru customer you'll receive your development link, where we build your project, but also, access inside our internal ERP where we organize everything, so you can keep an eye on all the individual tasks, the progress made and when your project will be ready.

Main features

We offer all the tools required to work with our engineers as smooth as possible and to finish and integrate with succes your projects.
Free Training Session (1h)
Your own staff can easily login and contribute.
Free Docs / Video Training
Add content or instruct our engineers on the changes.
Free SEO Tutorial
Organize the files for your project in a professional way.
Free Customer Support
Easily check the important steps made with your project.
Free Upgrades 1 Year
Monitor the progress made by our engineers on tasks.
Every second count, check the timesheet anytime you want.
Gantt Chart
We've improved our production.
Cost Monitor
Keep all your project expenses under strict control.

Contact to start your project

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